Distinguish Normal and Abnormal Heart Sounds

Normal heart sounds have two rhythms. When you listen to it, it sounds like a repeated "loop-dup". This sound comes from the activity of heart valves that open and close when blood flows through the heart. Heart sounds can be heard more clearly when the doctor performs an examination using a stethoscope. Heart sound can be a measuring tool to determine a person's health condition, including heart health. From the results of the examination, the doctor will determine the appropriate treatment steps. Where Does Heartbeat Come From? Anatomy of the heart consists of four chambers, namely the right and left atrium (porch) at the top, and the right and left ventricles (chambers) at the bottom. Between each atrium and ventricle there is a small valve that serves to keep the blood flowing in the right direction. In general, heartbeat sounds come from: The strength of the tissue that connects the valve and heart muscle. Vibration that occurs when the heart valve opens and
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